Feeding a fish is like smashing your cold hand with a woodshop hammer

This is a stop motion/paper animated film made during the 2020 winter semester at RISD. The film is meant to portray the attitudes of an eating disorder as well as the team of characters that the body assembles in the process of developing one. The fish behaves as the child at their peer’s birthday party and consumes what they are fed without question or judgement. The genderless eye behaves as the twenty year old who knows that they can try on as much Balenciaga apparel as they want to, as long as they put it all back on the rack when they are done. I suppose this is written under the assumption that I am allowed to compare high fashion shopping to bulimia. I have heard and read about people who identify their own eating disorder as an independent being or character and even assign it a name. I have observed families, friends and recovery programs that practice this. Building these characters, and extracting traits for each, reminds me of this practice. I see parts of myself in both of the characters in this video and in each of their struggles. Smashing one’s own hand with a hammer is meant to speak to the absurdity and intense self depreciation that is an eating disorder. 

Samaaya Jayamaha made a beautiful hand carved print/poster for the project. More of her work is here: https://sjayamaha.com/