I Could Give You My Life in Arms

Written, directed and DP by Gregory Shark,
Produced by Dylan Tescher W.

Alejandro Molestina, Henry Spuria, Samaaya Jayamaha, Adriann Fawkes, Dylan Tescher W. and Qinru Zhang

Costumes By:
Eve Adami and Dylan Tescher W.

Assistant DP:
Amar Amhad, Olivia Schroder and Sofia Carrera-Britten

Special Thank You To:
Africanus Okokon, Sheri Wills, Max Porter, Steve Smith, Carissa Abilato, and Amina Ross
As well as RISD FAV.

Shot on Kodak 16mm Film in 2022
On both the land of the Narragansett Tribe
As well as the land of the Mohican/Munsee Tribes.

Password-protected link available upon request.